Kydex Colors & Fabric Wraps


Here are the various Kydex colors we offer as well as the different fabric overlays made from Cordura Fabric.

* Cordura fabric is finished and burned into the edge as it is a thicker fabric which blends easier.

 Solid Kydex Colors

black-kydex-300x300.jpg police-blue-kydex-300x300.jpg coyote-brown-kydex-300x300.jpg
 Black Kydex  Blue Kydex  Coyote Brown Kydex
 dark-red-kydex.jpg  desert-tan-kydex.jpg  fde-kydex.jpg
Dark Red Kydex  Desert Tan Kydex  Flat Dark Earth Kydex
gray-kydex.jpg jade-kydex-new.jpg light-red-kydex.jpg
 Gray Kydex  Jade Kydex  Light Red Kydex
neon-yellow-kydex.jpg od-green-kydex.jpg
 Neon Pink Kydex  Neon Yellow Kydex  OD Green Kydex
orange-kydex.jpg purple-kydex.jpg soft-pink-kydex.jpg
 Orange Kydex  Purple Kydex  Pink Kydex
tiffany-blue-kydex.jpg zombie-green-kydex.jpg  
 Tiffany Blue Kydex  Zombie Green Kydex  

 Carbon Fiber Kydex Colors

carbon-fiber-black-kydex-300x300.jpg carbon-fiber-coyote-borwn-kydex-300x300.jpg carbon-fiber-emt-red-kydex-300x300.jpg
 Black Carbon Fiber  Coyote Brown Carbon Fiber  Red Carbon Fiber 
carbon-fiber-fde-kydex-300x300.jpg carbon-fiber-gray-kydex-300x300.jpg carbon-fiber-hot-pink-1-300x300.jpg
 FDE Carbon Fiber  Gray Carbon Fiber  Hot Pink Carbon Fiber
carbon-fiber-od-green-kydex-300x300.jpg carbon-fiber-police-blue-kydex-300x300.jpg carbon-fiber-purple-kydex-300x300.jpg
 OD Green Carbon Fiber  Blue Carbon Fiber  Purple Carbon Fiber
carbon-fiber-safety-orange-kydex-300x300.jpg carbon-fiber-storm-gray-kydex-300x300.jpg carbon-fiber-tiffany-blue-kydex-300x300.jpg
 Orange Carbon Fiber  Gray Carbon Fiber  Tiffany Blue Carbon Fiber
carbon-fiber-white-300x300.jpg carbon-fiber-zombie-green-kydex-300x300.jpg  carbon-fiber-desert-tan.jpg
 White Carbon Fiber  Zombie Green Carbon Fiber  Desert Tan Carbon Fiber
 dsc3133-300x300.jpg  jade-carbon-fiber-300x300.jpg  
 Blood Red Carbon Fiber  Jade Blue Carbon Fiber  

 Kydex Prints

 aor-2.jpeg  hawaii-5.0.jpg  kryptek-altitude.jpg
 AOR2  Hawaii  Kryptek Altitude
 kryptek-highlander.jpg  kryptek-mandrake.jpg  kryptek-neptune.jpg
 Kryptek Highlander  Kryptek Mandrake  Kryptek Neptune
 kryptek-nomad.jpg  kryptek-pontus.jpg  kryptek-raid.jpg
 Kryptek Nomad  Kryptek Pontus  Kryptek Raid
 kryptek-typhon.jpg  m81-woodland.jpg  mando-merc-metal1.jpg
 Kryptek Typhon  M81 Woodland  Mando Merc Metal
 marpat.jpg  multicam-arid.jpg  multicam-black.jpg
 Marpat  Multicam Arid  Multicam Black
 multicam-tropic1.jpg  multicam.jpg  red-flannel.jpg
 Multicam Tropic  Multicam Original  Red Flannel
 rhodesian.jpg  splatter-camo.jpg  tiger-stripe.jpg
 Rhodesian Splatter Camo  Tiger Stripe

  Fabric Wraps

80-s-splatter.jpg black-cordura.jpg  ranger-green-cordura.jpg
80's Splatter Camo Cordura Black Cordura Ranger Green Cordura 
coyote-cordura.jpg desertnightcamo.jpg khaki-cordura.jpg
Coyote Brown Cordura Desert Night Parka Cordura Khaki Cordura
m81-woodland-500d-cordura.jpg multicam-arid-cordura.jpg multicam-black-cordura.jpg
M81 Woodland Cordura Multicam Arid Cordura Multicam Black Cordura
multicam-original-cordura.jpg multicam-tropic-cordura.jpg  
Multicam Original Cordura Multicam Tropic Cordura